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This is the English version of the site, realized by Simone "Sex" Sessolo. Probably this is going to be the only part translated from Italian. 'cos the other pages of the site either are equally enjoiable by a non Italian reader or deal with arguments - like parties, projects, etc. - that clearly don't interest a foreign visitor of the site. This is what we think; if you've got anything in contrary please let us know.

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Take a look at the catalogue! YO! Bella Cyber Visitor! You've happened to come into the cybernetic pen! Black Sheep is a society - even if a more correct definition would be a "group of boys" - working hard to promote Hip Hop Culture here in Mantova, Italy.
Last year in April and May we organized a set of concerts with some of the coolest bands in the italian scene: OTR, Chief & Soci, Dj Gruff, Alien Army, Gleastilisti... then the summer came and we dedicated ourselves to parties.
Now we're producing beats for many rap crews here in Mantova and working on the first Manicomio Nazionale's EP: "Benvenuti al M@Nicomio" (Welcome to the MadHouse).

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Sta arrivando il nostro primo concorso! Iscriviti alla Mailing List, oltre ad avere ogni settimana tutti gli aggiornamenti del sito parteciperai all'estrazione mensile di una delle nuove T-Shirt, di una copia del demo "Benvenuti al MaNicomio" e di un mixtape della pecora, tutto a spese di BlackSheep OnLain! Prossimamente, in una pagina dedicata, spiegherò per bene le modalità e il regolamento... ASPETTATE GIUGNO!

É finalmente onlain la pagina del primo romanzo edito dalla Blecca.Scippa Edizioni; s'intitola "La pecora nera" (e come se no?!?) ed è stato scritto da Simone Sessolo.

Il 20 e il 21 Giugno si terrà a Padova un party organizzato dal locale progetto giovane: EAD, BlackSheep AllStarZ, Aereosol Art, breakin', skate e molto altro! Il tutto presso l'ex Macello in Corso Australia, le informazione te le guardi in tempo reale in questa pagina!

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Here above you can see the keys to sign or read the BlackBook which, in other words, is our guestbook. I think it is foundamental that every one walking through the pen could write what the hell they want and make the other visitors read it afterwards.
It's a shame that even dickheads sometimes walk through the pen, but the world is full of this sort of people. Amen.
I've also added - thanks to Nicky of NetCrew - a new guestbook (see aside) that is bound to all the Italian Hip Hop sites, i.e. everyone, from every Hip Hop site, can read and sign it. Hip Hop is gaining ground, both in Italy and on the net.

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Why not ordering a mixtape?! Now a special dedication to those who accuse me of being a "thief" 'cos I sell T.Shirts (!), of always looking for cans of worms when the truth is that it's all bullshit invented by them; a special dedication to those who say they don't want to have nothing to do with me, when just a month ago they were on their knees imploring to have me on stage with them; my asshole has never been so dirty, now it's up to you to clean it! Calogero Penzucci

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